Convert Base64 string as Image File

Convert Base64 string as Image File and save the file using file upload in C#.First read the uploaded […]

var and default in c#

Difference between var and default datatype is explained below: var dynamic Introduced in C# 3.0 Introduced in C# 4.0 Statically typed – This means the type of variable declared is decided by the compiler at compile time. Dynamically typed – This means the type of variable declared is decided by the compiler at runtime time. Need to initialize at the time of declaration. e.g., var str=”I am a string”; Looking at the value assigned to the variable str, the compiler will treat the variable str as string. […]

Generations of Garbage Collector

Memory management is the main concern for any application whether application is window based or web based. In […]

Convert Text to Image using C#

The article below explains how to convert text to image using C#. Here we use graphics and drawing […]