Create a Facebook application to get AppID

Steps to Create a Facebook application to get AppID is given below.

1)Create a Facebook application to get an AppID for your Website or Blog. Use the following link to open Facebook developers App site.


2)Click “Create New App” or MyApps -> Add a New App to add a new application in Facebook.

3) Click Advance setup t create a new AppID and App Secret key.

Create new AppID






4) Enter Display Name,Namespace and choose the category of the application.

Name the App





5)Once you click on “Create App ID” then Facebook will do security check up.









6)Once security check up is done, the App ID,API Version and App Secret key for the application will be generated.

7)Add Valid OAuth redirect URI’s for the application


Demo for Creating App ID in FaceBook

The demo for creating AppID is given below.


Some Common Errors and their solutions

1)The below error will arise when invalid App Id is added in the website or blog.

Error validating application. Invalid application ID



2)Invalid redirect URL

Invalid Redirect URL



This error means that Website with FaceBook Login has URL that does not match with the URL of the page that’s making call to the FaceBook App. Hence you need to make sure that this field must always be set to the URL of the page that makes call to the FaceBook App.